Houghton & Gough Antibacterial Sanitizing Spray (60ml)

Houghton & Gough Antibacterial Sanitizing Spray (60ml)

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Multipurpose Use 
Travel Friendly 
Refillable Friendly ♻️

Choose between 2 Blends. Either Tea Tree or Lavender Essential Oil (All Natural)

Blended with Non Toxic ingredients:
 Tea Tree Essential Oil or Lavender Essential Oil
 Witch Hazel with SD Alcohol-B (Natural Grain)
 Denatured Alcohol (Grade A)

Shake well before use. Spray once or twice into surroundings, onto surfaces, hands or masks.

⚠️ Sensitive Skin/Allergy Test:
While this product is known to be safe on skin, we strongly recommend when using any new lotion and/or spray, or any product with essential oils, to do a Sensitivity Skin/Allergy Test. To ensure safety of use, apply a very small amount onto a small area on arm and leave for 2, up to 5 mins. If reaction occurs, wash area thoroughly with soap, rinse with water and discontinue use. If there is no reaction, go ahead and use this product in good health. This product is not for consumption. Keep away from open flames (as it contains alcohol), pets, and children.



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