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Coconut Lemongrass Hair & Body Serum With Vitamin E

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Blended goodness of organic natural coconut oil, lemongrass essential oil & vitamin E for healthy hair & skin. 

Use on hair especially ends for healthy & shiny hair. Use on dry areas of skin eg. arms, legs, nails & cuticles to help moisturise. Can also be used as a massage oil.

How to use

1 or 2 drops onto the palm of hands and apply on affected areas. For hair, recommended after a shower, apply on towel-dried damp hair especially ends of hair to help calm and for shiny healthy hair. Can be used also after blow-drying of hair for extra moisturising and protection.

Sensitive Skin/Allergy Test: We strongly recommend, whenever trying a new lotion, lotion candles, sprays, essential oils or any product with essential oils; apply a very small amount to an area on arm in advance, if a reaction occurs, wash the area immediately with soap and water and discontinue application. If there is no rash or reaction, then use this product in good health.

When using pure essential oils for pregnant or children below 6 years old, it is recommended to dilute oils with a carrier oils (1 drop of essential oil = 1 drop of carrier oil) eg. coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil.



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