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About Houghton & Gough Lifestyles

"We are not just another candlemaker. We want our customers to know, and be able to choose from a wide range of pure essential oils and scents, what goes into their candles, and be able to find relief from specific ailments through natural therapies. All our packagings from candle pots, jars, bottles & bottle sprays are recycle & refillable friendly. We strongly encourage our customers to refill their used candle pots & jars instead of having buy another one or just simply throwing them away" 

It all began with a search for a particular candle. One that was pure, natural and didn’t cost you the world. Should be easy right? Well as friends Emelda Houghton, Ruby Gough and Irene Chew can tell you, it should have been easier.  

Houghton & Gough Lifestyles

After years of searching, the trio set out to research the fine art of candle making for themselves.

What started out as a hobby and passion, soon turned into a business championing a natural health and wellbeing.

Since then Houghton and Gough have expanded their range to include essential oils, exciting partnerships and even something for our little furry friends.

Sustainable Gifts & Bespoke Classes

Houghton & Gough offers fully customisable and sustainable gift products for all occasions, including a range of natural soya wax candles, essential oils, aromatherapy oil burners, room sprays, mosquito repellents, soya melts, soaps, creams, candle-making accessories, and hand-made decorative household items and accessories.

HG Lifestyles Love Green

Its team also conducts candle-making classes and workshops for adults and children, and produces natural alternative gifts for corporate events, weddings, anniversaries and many more occasions.

HG Lifestyles Classes

Collaborations & Partnerships

Be a collaboration partner or grow with us a partner.

For more information, please email us at info@hglifestyles.com or contact Emelda Houghton at +65 90220615.

Fantastic service with constant communication whilst getting my new starter kit. The kit is great :)

Sheena C.


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