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Aroma Room Spray (50ml)

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Choose from our selected aroma room mists to help relieve stress, relax mind, repels insects, kill odour causing bacteria & disinfect. Contains disinfecting alcohol.


Rest & Relax Room Mist:

Blend: Lavender & Peppermint oils

Key Function: Relaxation & Calming

Main Properties/ Remedies: Promotes relaxation, rest, peaceful sleep, balanced emotions, and decreasing anxiety, tension and stress.

Don't Bug Me Room Mist:

Blend: Lemongrass & Citronella oils

Key Function: Repel Insects 

Main Properties/ Remedies: Insect repellent, aroma therapy.


Blend: Lavender, Eucalyptus & Peppermint

Key Function: Air Deodoriser & Disinfectant

Main Properties/ Remedies: Helps kill odor causing bacteria & disinfects surroundings at the same time.  Great when using at public toilets and also great for removing tobacco smell.

Lemongrass Room Mist:

Key Function: Revitalize 

Main Properties/ Remedies: Relieves headaches, repels insects, kills bacteria & disinfect surroudings.

Frankincense Room Mist

Key Function: Calming
Main Properties/ Remedies: Spirituality balance, warming & healing, insomnia, emotional weakness.

Lavender Room Mist:

Key Function: Relaxation 

Main Properties/ Remedies: Promotes relaxation, rest, peaceful sleep, balanced emotions, and decreasing anxiety, tension and stress.

Breathe Easy Room Mist:

Blend: Menthol Oil

Main Properties/ Remedies: Help relieves nasal congestion & coughs due to colds. Promotes calming, restful sleep.


How to use:

Shake well before use. Depress pump in the air till aroma is release. Spray one or two sprays into air surroundings only. Avoid eyes. Keep away from children and pets. Keep in safe room temperature area.

Products are refillable friendly. Please bring empty bottles/ jars to our studio location and receive a discounted refill prices.

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Sensitive Skin/Allergy Test: We strongly recommend, whenever trying a new lotion, lotion candles, sprays, essential oils or any product with essential oils; apply very small amount to an area on arm in advance, if reaction occurs, Wash area immediately with soap and water and discontinue application. If there is no rash or reaction, then use this product in good health.





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